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Saved My Job By Sowing Seed



My name is sister Lucy, I'm from Chicago. I want to thank God for the prayer line. I thank God for the Apostle for blessing us every day. My testimony is I sowed a seed for the chair; I was having problems on my job one of my coworkers hit me so we had to go and talk to manager; so I called Minister Peace and she prayed for me. On monday I used the Alpha & Omega anointing oil and salt, the manager saw me and saw the glory of God around me. The situation was resolved I still have my Job. Thank you Minister Peace for praying for me.


Peace after joining AOIMF prayerline

I give God the glory for keeping me, my children and my grandchildren's life. Since I  joined Alpha & Omega IMF prayerline the Lord God has been a blessing to us. I thank our mother that is praying for us every day and night, l bless God for her and her family. To God be the glory in Jesus' name. Amen.

Success with Prayer Shawl

My name is Amenaghawon Aisagbonhi, from New Jersey. I am thanking God for the success in my exit Exam. When I was in the exam hall, my question papers look blank and all I was seeing is black, immediately something hit me on my chest. Immediately I used the Alha & Omega prayer shawl to cover my face for like 2 minutes, and immediately my sight was restored. I placed the prayer shawl on my questions and answers paper, everything became normal, I hanged the prayer shawl on my neck crossing down toward my heart. Behold at the end of the exam, within 20 minutes the results were out; I passed my exit exam excellently.
Also thank God for my son; since He is started using Alpha & Omega Blood of Jesus Tshirt at night, he stopped crying out at night in his sleep, no sickness like calling the ambulance every week rushing him to emergency anymore. I want to greatly thank mummy Esther the great Apostle, God has really used her to solve millions of problems in my life. Mummy God will bless you and increase your anointing more and more.

Power of Alpha & Omega Anointing Oil

My name is sister Sallay from Virginia. My first testimony is : I've been spitting up blood when I wake up from sleep, I went to my doctor and he prescribed some meds for me, I've been taking this medication for up to 2 weeks but it did not work. So I decided to take the annoiting oil every night before going to bed for 3 days and I have not been spitting up blood again, thanks for the woman of God who prayed on the oil.
The second testimony is: my doctor asked me to do blood work to find out what causes the spitting of blood; I did the blood work then, after 3 days they called me that my PT / INR was abnormal so I have to repeat and other tests. So I did the test and this time the results was normal, I thank God for the woman of God, and I also thank for all the pastors and the ministers of Alpha & Omega ministry, may God continue to bless you all. 

Saved From Stroke

Good morning Apostle. This is Fidelis from Phoenix. I was in your church with my wife Laura in October last year and since then I have continued to join the prayer line. God has been very wonderful to my family. Testimony: God saved from from stroke last week, after the prayers with you on Thursday morning, I had paralysis of my entire left side, I used my anointing oil, it happened again on my right side the following day, I also used my anointing oil to rub all over my body and by Saturday the Lord healed me. I can't believe the power in the Alpha and Omega anointing oil and covenant oil salt. Praise God. Thank God for the anointing every morning.   

Suicidal Spirit Destroyed


When my family first came to Alpha Omega I needed a job.  I just walked into this store one day and was hired on the spot without an application.  After I began working there they finally gave me an application to fill out.  I was at Save a Child one night and Apostle Esther said, "Someone is suicidal."  It was me.  It was because I was struggling with my education.  When I would have a test I didn't want to go to school.  Now, since coming to Alpha Omega I am happy to go to school.  Save a Child will save your children.  God is at Alpha Omega.  It's so amazing!

Pain Disintegrated


I was in terrible pain.  I went for an ultrasound.  Nothing was found.  I went to Apostle Esther.  She anointed and massaged it.  I couldn't stand from the pain.  She told me to use the anointing oil and salt.  The pain is GONE!

Child Delivered from Satanic Manipulation


My five-year-old daughter suddenly changed and I knew that Satan had entered her.  The school began to constantly call me to go get her.  They called the hospital where I work and said that if I didn't come get her, they would report the hospital.  The school put my daughter in a different classroom.  She slapped the teacher.  The security had to hold my child.  They were going to get the school psychologist.  Because I didn't want that I was charged with medical neglect; but thanks be to God, my case was dismissed.  I went to Apostle Esther.  My daughter didn't want to go.  I took her to Save a Child.  Apostle dealt with that demon.  My daughter was completely delivered.  She is one of the best students now, giving love to all the teachers.  Praise be to God!

Financial Aid Received


Apostle Esther has been believing with me for the monies I need for college.  I am testifying that I have received two scholarships and half of the financial aid I need.  It feels so good that I will be able to go to school and concentrate on studying rather than on having to pay loans back.  Thank You Jesus!

Spared from Accident


The other morning Apostle Esther said on the prayer line that she saw an accident and cancelled it.  On my way to work, someone cut in front of me TWICE to avoid hitting someone else.  It was only God that there were not other cars around me.  I thank God for His blood of protection and the covering of Alpha Omega.  Then, I had a contract that was not going through.  It sat in the files at the University for over a year.  But God sent someone at Alpha Omega to push it through for me.  To God be the praise.

Eight Years of Abdominal Pain Healed


I had been suffering from abdominal pain for eight years.  I began listening to the prayer line.  Apostle Esther began calling for the Resurrection seed.  I obeyed and sent in the seed.  I also got the Alpha & Omega anointing oil.  I received my healing!  Eight years of pain is GONE!

Evil Dream Cancelled


The other night I dreamed someone came to prick my finger with a needle.  I was awakened by the sound of a text from Apostle Esther that said, "They have failed again!"  I thank God for a true prophet as my Pastor.

Healed by Faith


The other night I went to bed and something started pressing my head.  I anointed myself with the Alpha Omega oil.  The pain left.  The next morning Apostle Esther called and encouraged me when she didn't know what I had gone through the night before.  I thank God for her.

The Rewards of Faithfulness and Obedience


After the 40-day Fast and Fire Conference all hell broke loose on my job and everywhere.  It looked like it was all for nothing; but then suddenly everything began to shift.  My boss wouldn't pay me; but God turned it so that she was fired.  Then my daughter got a job without even applying for it.  After she had been working for some time, they finally asked her for an application.  I thank God for the lessons of remaining FAITHFUL even though things may not look good initially.  God will always turn everything to the good for those who love and obey Him.



I was very sick.  I could not stand.  I went to Apostle Esther.  Instantly all the spiritual and physical forces of darkness were broken.  Thanks be to God.

Scholarship Received


I run Track & Field at school.  Last year I promised God that if I got a scholarship I would testify.  I got a scholarship.  I'm so thankful to God!

Send Down Fire


The enemies came at me like a flood on my job.  Someone said the fire prayers I was praying were tormenting her.  Someone else said I was praying too much; but the fire just increased in the midst of the persecution.  Just to make a long story short, all enemies have been silenced.

Conspiracy Backfired


Apostle Esther prophesied that there was a conspiracy against someone who works in a bank.  It was me.  My right hand person told a lie on me that caused me to go before the Board.  I was called by Security and summoned to the meeting.  I called Apostle Esther and she prayed.  Immediately I got a call from my District Manager who is not a Christian.  She was crying.  She apologized this thing had happened to me and said the case was closed in my favor.  Thanks be to God!

Success with the Blood of Jesus T-Shirt


I had to take exams to become a high school senior next year.  I failed the exams.  I bought the Blood of Jesus t-shirt and went to Apostle Esther to pray over it.  I wore it to retake the exams.  I got 80 percent!  Praise God!

Protected in Accident


When I went to see Apostle Esther for counseling, she said she saw an accident with my daughter.  It happened.  My daughter ran into our house with the car, but because of the prayers of covering, she was not hurt at all.

Blood Pressure Healed


I was not feeling well.  I went to the doctor.  He said my blood pressure was 200 over 100.  I have never had hypertension before.  I refused to receive this lie from the enemy.  I began anointing myself three times a day with the Alpha Omega anointing oil.  I went back to the doctor.  My blood pressure was 123 over 70.  Praise God!


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